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Data Platform Live! Keynote: Secure, Unified, and Scalable Data in the Era of AI


8:00am - 9:00am

Level: Everyone

Sanjay Mishra

Principal Group PM Manager


AI is transforming how we use data. Generative AI, data-driven applications, Copilots, and machine learning are the next generation of how data fuels business. In this session, you will learn how Microsoft Azure Data technologies provide secure, unified, and scalable platforms to build and manage data. We will cover the complete Azure Data stack, including Azure Databases, Microsoft Fabric, and Azure OpenAI. Whether you are a developer or an IT Professional, this session will apply to anyone attending Live 360, as we cover cloud, data, AI, and security topics and present the unified data story from Microsoft.

You will learn:

  • How Azure Databases provide a secure and scalable platform to build AI applications
  • How the Microsoft Fabric provides a unified platform that is secure, scalable, and empowers the use of AI
  • How to use Microsoft cloud services with OpenAI to build and manage the next generation of business applications